How To Install Your New Coca Cola Cooler
One of the most common concerns of this decal is how to put them on the
cooler. I have put this page together to help you install your new cooler back
off and sticking them on there. With our easy to follow steps below,
installation should be a simple task.
Items you will need for installation.
-Squeegee (credit card will work)
-Spray Bottle
-Dish Soap
Prepare The Spray Bottle
In an Average size spray bottle, fill it with tap water up to the neck leaving
about an inch of room at the top of the bottle. Take your dish soap and
holding the bottle above the spray bottle squeeze gently to dispense soap in
droplets. Put two drops of soap in the spray and mix soap and water by
shaking the spay bottle. Smaller bottles use one drop of soap. The more
soap mixed in the bottle the longer it will take before the decals will adhere
to the painted surface of the cooler. (I use a cheap dish soap without any
additives like grease cutters and hand softeners. I have no experience with
soap that have additives in them and would not chance ruining the decal.)
Now you are ready to start the applying the decals..
The Decals
These decals can not be
installed all in one piece.

They will fit perfectly over the
embossing and are
designed to be cut apart and
installed one piece at a time.
This is where the scissors
come into play.

Cut the "Drink" off of one of
the large sheets.

Since we are going to apply
each letter individually you
now cut each letter apart.

Take the "D" and peel the
white backing paper from the
decal exposing the sticky side.

Take the spray bottle that we
prepared earlier with soap and
water and generously spray
the soapy water on to the
cooler and the sticky side of
the letter that we are applying.
You can not spray too much
water on them.
The wetter the better.

Lay the letter your applying
over the embossing and align
it up perfectly. Hold the letter
on the corner and use a finger
on the other hand to wipe the
water out from under the
letter. Don't worry because at
this point they will not be
sticking to the cooler at all.
Put all the rest of the letters on
in the same manner.

Also use these same steps for
the "ICE COLD"

After we have all the letters on
we will be done for a while. It
takes a couple hours before
they will start to
stick to the cooler.
You can either take a break or
move onto the "Coca Cola".
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next step.
Installing the Coca Cola